Creating the Heroes of Tomorrow by Helping them Unleash Their Full Potential with Proper World-class Training, Healthcare, Equipment & More

Heroes of Tomorrow - A Journey Towards Greatness!

The path to becoming a world-class athlete is one that demands blood, sweat, grit and passion to excel at global stages. These future stars, heroes in the making also need all the help & support they can get on this challenging and glorious journey, this is where Sportskeeda lends a hand. ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’, an initiative by Sportskeeda focuses on supporting our budding sports and esports athletes of tomorrow with world-class training, healthcare, equipment and more today, so that they can make a billion people proud tomorrow.

Why is this Initiative Critical?

Because We Are Ages Behind in competitive sport
~140,000,0000 India's Current Population
10 9 16
India in Olympics - All Time
~140,000,0000 China's Current Population
38 32 18
China in Tokyo Olympics Alone
The reasons for this are manyfold. A study by Nair and Bagchi (2020), titled "Dropout from competitive sports", shows that most athletes in India drop out for a number of reasons including no longer being supported by friends or parents, having skill deficiencies, not receiving enough recognition or awards, and not being as good as their potential due to lack of good training facilities.

How We Are Helping

Through the ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’ initiative, Sportskeeda is committed to the development of sports talent at grassroot levels. Fueling the next generation of sports icons by providing them with: To fulfill this aim at a bigger level, the company has tied up with and supported leading foundations that share our vision, such as Anju Bobby Sports Foundation and Nurturing Excellence in Sports Trust (NEST) and shall continue to support athletes via organizations like these. Both these organizations are revered by the nation for supporting, training and producing some of the finest athletes that the country has ever seen.
Training at World-Class Facilities
Healthcare & Latest Equipments
Guidance & Support
Motivation & Exposure to Succeed
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